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Sheila Suber Adeshoye

posted Jul 17, 2013, 10:08 PM by John Shannon


    My name is Sheila Suber Adeshoye.  I am an American, retired from teaching  in Alexandria, Virginia @ T.C. Williams High School.   I currently live in South Carolina, moving from the Washington DC area where I'm originally from. 
    I would very much enjoy taking care of your home(s) while you are away.  I have enjoyed traveling the world from Europe, India, Asia, South + Central America, Africa, South America, and of course the U.S.A.  And very much look forward to continuing to do so in the future.  
    I enjoy living abroad for short or long periods of time.  I'm flexible with my time and can accommodate any schedule.    I will take pride in providing your home with the privacy, respect, maintenance I give to my personal home.
    I'm available to relocate at any time, no long term planning necessary on my part.   I have excellent health, high morals, outstanding work ethics.
    References can be provided whenever you are available to review.  Photo attached.

I'm in the process of obtaining my work permit for Belize

Sheila Suber Adeshoye

Rick Albright

posted May 17, 2012, 12:21 PM by John Shannon

  • Transportation Services
  • Rental Car Services  
  • House Cleaning
  • Clean 
  • Friendly
  • Gardening Services
  • Care for dogs and cats 
  • US Bank Accounts for easier payment options  
  • Retired US Special forces- Security Expert
Contact information 

Visit our website at: 

Email: or

or call

phone 011-501-669-6972 

Pam Flesher

posted Feb 9, 2012, 6:37 PM by John Shannon   [ updated Feb 10, 2013, 7:11 PM ]

Cayo, Stann Creek

Currently out of Country, sorry for any inconvenience. 


I am originally from the US and became a Belize resident recently. I am legally able to work in Belize. I have been in Belize for 2 years and am familiar with the ways of Belize. I am in the middle of building my home and find I have plenty of time to do other things during the slow process.

  • My own transportation  
  • House Cleaning
  • Clean 
  • Educated
  • Friendly
  • Gardening
  • Odd jobs
  • Care for dogs and cats 
  • US Bank Accounts for easier payment options  
  • I will value you belongings as I would my own with care

Contact Information:

Phone: 666-0607
email: or
Please allow a 48 hour response time due to living in a non service area...   

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Michael Loveridge

posted Feb 8, 2012, 5:31 PM by John Shannon

Corozal Area

Contact information
Breeze Hotel 
Corozal Town
North Belize

501 660 9961

I have about 10 regular clients which works out well as I am a writer that has about 15 web sites that I service.

References available on request.

My email is


Red Roof Property Management

posted Feb 8, 2012, 7:29 AM by John Shannon   [ updated Feb 8, 2012, 6:04 PM ]

Cayo Area, soon all of Belize

Many property owners in Belize are absentee, travelling either full or part-time.  That's why having a trusted source to look over one of your biggest assets is invaluable!


Hiring a company, such as Red Roof Property Management, for all of your Caretaking and House Sitting needs will insure you travel worry and stress free, knowing your property is being competently taken care of.  Here are some reasons to hire us over an individual:


  • Accountability - Our reputation is on the line!  If we don't completely satisfy you, not only won't you hire us again, but you'll probably tell your friends and family not to either!  Repeat and referral business is the cornerstone of our company, so making you happy is a high priority.  On the otherhand, if you fire an individual, they may just simply shrug and move on to the next job. 


  • Accessibility - Our customer service is unmatched in Western Belize.  We promise to all of our clients to return their phone calls and/or e-mails by the next business day (Monday through Saturday).  When we're out of the office, our phone is forwarded to our cell phones.  In addition, we can provide weekly and/or monthly e-mail status updates per your request.  Who knows how easy it might be to reach an individual?


  • Reliability - If we tell you we will be at your property a certain number of days a week, then we will be.  We have systems and procedures in place to make sure no detail gets missed.  You can sleep easy knowing everything is being handled in a timely and professional manner.  An individual may tell you they're handling it, but how will you know for sure?


  • Trustworthy - We handle our client's funds, assets, and possessions on a regular basis.  If we did not do so competently and in a trustworthy manner, our company would quickly go out of business.  Would you be comfortable having an individual make your annual property tax payment, being confident they made it on time and didn't run off with the funds?



Our Caretaker and House Sitting Services include, but are not limited to:


- Maintain grounds, including watering and gardening services

- Interior house keeping

- Check perimeter of property periodically to ensure no fencing issues

- Ensure no poachers take over your property

- Pay any monthly bills for you, i.e. water and electricity

- Pay any annual fees for you, i.e. property/land taxes or home insurance

- Feed and water any pets

- Start and drive any vehicles to keep the engines from freezing up

Short and long-term options are available.

All services are completely customizable to suit your needs.

- We also offer Caretaker Placement Services for those landlord who live on their property but still require caretaker services.

Check out our care taking services as well: 


Red Roof Property Management is always looking for capable and qualified individuals to provide Caretaking and House Sitting services to our clients.


Located in the Cayo District of Belize, Caretaking for Red Roof Property Management can bring unique rewards:


  •       An independent lifestyle
  •       Managing your own time
  •       Living rent and utility free
  •       Getting away from the rat race
  •       Connecting with nature and history - rivers, ruins and the rainforest are literally at your doorstep
  •       A choice of city, village, rural or farm living positions are available


Red Roof Property Management only selects carefully screened candidates for these positions.  In order to qualify, you must meet the following criteria:


  •       21 years or older
  •       Have transportation to and from the home site (there is an extensive bus and taxi system in Belize if you don’t own a car)
  •       If you own a vehicle, you must have a valid driver’s license and current insurance
  •       Provide a recent police report in the city you currently reside
  •       Provide proof of citizenship (Non Belizean’s a passport; Residing in Belize residency card, passport, or social security card)
  •       Be drug free
  •       Provide one past employer reference
  •       Provide one personal reference
  •       Provide a list of skills you possess
  •       Be able to follow precise instructions and work well autonomously
  •       If not a Belizean citizen/resident, how long do you plan on staying in Belize?  Also, you will need to get a work permit.


If you’re the type of person who is free-spirited, loves to travel the world, and is independent and responsible, then a caretaking position may be the perfect solution for you.

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